Having an x-ray is a non-invasive procedure that involves sitting still with the area being x-rayed positioned accurately under an x-ray machine (ie; the foot).  Unfortunately most of our patients would rather wander off to investigate a sound or smell than sit still long enough for an x-ray. For this reason, all of the animals having an x-ray performed, unless critically ill, are either sedated or given a general anaestethic.  This allows clear, accurate x-rays to be taken to ensure a diagnosis can be made.  

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Most owners are familiar with x-rays being used to diagnose fractures. However, x-rays are useful for so much more than this!  We commonly use x-rays to investigate heart size, lung tissue, abdominal gas patterns, thoracic and abdominal foreign bodies, bladder stones, arthritis, joint dislocations, bone infections, joint effusions and we can even see microchip placement if needed.