BESTpractice Accredited Clinic

The NZ Veterinary Association (NZVA)’s BESTPRACTICE is a quality accreditation programme for veterinary clinical practices in New Zealand that promotes a high standard of professionalism and service.

Greenlane Veterinary Clinic was awarded BESTPRACTICE accreditation as a Companion Animal Clinic in 2008. We are proud to continue to hold this accreditation.

The BESTPRACTICE standards have been modelled on equivalent overseas standards and adapted to the New Zealand situation. BESTPRACTICE Clinic Standards itemises the standards of service, facilities, equipment, and management considered essential in veterinary practice. The standards encourage the ongoing critical evaluation of the practice’s surgical, medical, diagnostic and nursing protocols in order to maintain a high level of excellence.

Practices are audited by independent veterinary auditors prior to initial accreditation and then every two years. The current auditors are the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Verification Agency.

Find out more at the New Zealand Veterinary Association Website – BESTPRACTICE Accreditation