What to expect during a consult

As your special care clinic, we provide medical consultations, surgical consultations and routine annual health checks to help care for your pets in our private consultation rooms.   


During a consultation our veterinarians will assess your pet’s ears, eyes, teeth, gums, abdomen, listen to their heart and lungs and assess their skin health. At this time the vet can discuss any concerns you may have and it’s a great time to get questions answered.

Annual health checks are recommended for all pets. Remember your cat or dog ages roughly 7 years for every human year. The big dogs age even faster!

At Greenlane vets, we believe in preventative health care for our patients. Annual health checks are an important part of your animal’s health care.

If you wish to make an appointment for your pet to be seen by one of our Veterinarians please phone our friendly reception on (09) 5246415.

See appointment times.

Nurses can answer any non-urgent queries by email.

Consult Room