General Cattery Information

Please note that we are receiving a high number of cattery booking requests at the moment. If you would like to request a booking for your cat, please call us on 09 524 6415.


About the Boarding Cattery 


We offer full cattery services and we take pride in giving special care to each of our furry guests. Your cats comfort and health is our priority.

We are a non–communal cattery, meaning all holidaying cats are not housed or exercised together, unless they are from the same family. Most cats prefer to be on their own and feel safer when they aren’t in contact with other cats. Each cat is monitored several times a day for eating and drinking habits, urination/defecation, and signs of stress, giving you piece of mind that your cat is being well looked after while you’re away.

We have several areas in our cattery, including large, single leveled cages for our senior generation, and spacious multi-level cages for our younger or more energetic cats. All cages include a pet bed or two, litter tray, food & water bowls and plenty of room to move around in. For our older generation cats we have a special ‘Senior’ section located in the centre of the cattery for warmth & comfort. Cats over 10 years of age stay in this section, where they can be monitored closely.

If we notice a problem, our Veterinarians will assess your cat and contact you if treatment or further diagnostics are required.

We have 3 outside grassy runs, 3 covered runs, 2 conservatory areas and 2 inside runs that we rotate our guests into during the day to allow them to stretch their legs and enjoy the sunshine (weather dependent).


Our cattery has been running here at the Greenlane Veterinary Centre since 1983. We love our cats and know you love your’s too. We take care to treat your pet as our own so they can enjoy their holiday. 




We require your cats to have been vaccinated within the last 12 months. For new kittens, we require all three initial boosters to have been completed prior to their cattery stay. Please remember to bring your vaccination card with you if you are a new client of the Greenlane Veterinary Centre and Cattery, or had your most recent vaccination performed elsewhere.

We do not accept unvaccinated cats. Please be sure your cat is up to date with vaccinations prior to admission. Yearly boosters can be done on arrival, however if these are out of the booster window we cannot offer this service. 

During non-peak times, any cats with vaccinations not up to date will be vaccinated on arrival at an additional cost and will be placed into isolation for the following week – also an additional cost. We must place them into isolation to protect the other cats on holiday. Please inform our staff if your cat is not up to date with his/her vaccinations upon booking, in order to ensure they can be accommodated. Failure to inform us ahead of time could potentially result in our staff having to turn your cat away for safety reasons.

Contact details

While you are away, we are happy to contact you via phone call, text or email if needed. If you are overseas or do not wish to be contacted, please leave us the details of a person who can make decisions in case of any emergency.

Admission Time

Please allow us 5 – 10 minutes for your cat’s admission to our cattery. We have a number of questions we need to ask to ensure your cat is well looked after. Please be prepared to confirm departure dates, last vaccination date, flea & worm treatments, dietary needs, and medications if required. 


We feed high quality wet and dry foods (Hills Science Diet and Royal Canin). Kitten, adult, senior, and prescription formulations are available depending on your cat’s needs. Should your pet be partial to a food we don’t supply, feel free to bring their foods from home with them. 


If your pet is currently on daily medication we are happy to look after these requirements. Any cats requiring medical care during their stay can also be housed in our hospital for our nurses and veterinarians to monitor daily. Our staff are trained in giving medication and medication charts are kept to record their daily regime. We require you to supply us with any medications your pet may be on at the time of admission; there is a $3.50 additional charge per day for administering each medication. 


Complimentary skin and teeth check

On arrival to our cattery we give your pet a complimentary skin and teeth check before settling them into the cattery. For the benefit of all boarding cats it is our policy to check for fleas and worms and treat your cat if necessary. If we discover your cat requires dental treatment we will contact you and advise you of the cost of a dental scale and polish. We can often perform the scale and polish during their stay, with a 10% discount for our current cattery residents.