In-clinic Laboratory

We have a range of onsite diagnostic equipment available to help diagnose your pet’s problems.

In-house Blood Testing

Blood samples taken from your pet can be analysed in the clinic, helping us to diagnose and treat your pet’s problems rapidly.

We also offer pre-anaesthetic blood tests (PABT) for your animal, which are taken the morning your pet comes in for anaesthetic and surgery. This is particularly important in geriatric and sick animals. However, it is a useful aid in any patient undergoing an anaesthetic or sedation. With a PABT, any pre-existing liver & kidney disease, infection or anaemia can be identified and a suitable protocol can be devised to ensure a safer anaesthetic.

If required, further advanced studies and tests can be sent to veterinary laboratory facilities.

Test Equipment


Urinalysis provides vital information that helps us interpret nearly every blood test we perform, especially kidney function and diabetes. We can collect the samples via catching the urine (refered to as ‘free catch’) or via cystocentesis (using a needle to obtain the sample). If you are asked to bring a urine sample to the clinic, please collect the first urination of the day and keep it refridgerated until you drop it off.  Urine samples are most reliable when analysed fresh.

We also collect urine samples as part of the investigation into bladder infections, bladder stones, blocked bladder cases and sterile cystitis.


Doppler Blood Pressure Monitoring

Like us, animals can have high blood pressure. We regularly check the blood pressure of our elderly patients and those undergoing general anaesthetic. We also recommend performing blood pressure measurements in all our renal, thyroid and heart disease patients.

In-clinic Cytology

In-clinic cytology is used to diagnose lumps, skin or ear parasites and urine samples by looking under a microscope. Having a microscope in the clinic enables us to obtain results for your pet as soon as possible.


If any further testing is required, we have access to an external laboratory.