What does wellness care mean?

Senior wellness is tailored preventative medicine for our ageing pets. There is usually a number of reasons why your pet is “getting old” – they may slow down because they are arthritic, eat less because they have dental disease, or lose weight because they have thyroid or kidney disease etc. Most diseases in their early phase don’t offer many clues. Once the symptoms become obvious, the disease is usually quite advanced. Treatment at this time is more difficult, costly and often not as successful. The aim of our senior wellness programme is to detect disease in the early stages so that we can treat the condition more successfully and enhance the wellbeing and quality of life of your pet.

senior dog

What Does Senior Wellness Include?

6-monthly check-ups give an overall picture of your pet’s health and includes:

  • a full veterinary consultation
  • basic panel of blood
  • basic urine tests

There are options for advanced testing if wanted or needed:

  • Cytology of lumps/ masses.
  • Blood pressure
  • Retinal examination
  • ECG (if your pet has a heart condition), chest x – rays and heart scans 
  • Abdominal x – rays and abdominal scans. 

On discharge we will discuss our clinical findings and test results as well as offer options for weight management, diet and dental disease if appropriate.Download our senior pamphlets for CATS and DOGS to read more about our wellness program.