Home dental care

Just like us, plaque and tartar will accumulate on your pets teeth.

Plaque – Plaque is a biofilm of bacteria that forms over teeth. It is that ‘fuzzy’ feeling before you brush your teeth in the morning. Plaque is easily removed with daily dental care (i.e. brushing and dental diets).

Tartar – Even with daily dental care, some tartar will accumulate in hard to reach spots and between teeth that needs to be scaled. If plaque is left on the teeth it mineralizes into tartar. Tartar is the brown layer you can see on your pet’s teeth – it must be removed by ultrasonic scaling.

Ultrasonic Scaling – We use the same equipment your dentist uses however our patients won’t hold there mouth open for us to examine and perform a thorough scale and polish. All of our patients are given a general anaesthetic and intravenous fluid support while we assess, scale and polish their teeth. To read more about what happens when your pet has a dental procedure read here.

Dog Brush Teeth

Having a scale and polish is not the only dental care your pet needs.  In order to get the most from their scale and polish procedure you need to continue with home care to slow plaque accumulating again.  This can be achieved by brushing your pet’s teeth. A nurse will be more than happy to discuss how to train your pet to do this.  You can also use dental foods such as Hills t/d or Royal canin Dental. There are treats many dental treats available including, veggiedents and greenies for cats & dogs. With such an array of options, we can find a home dental care program that fits your time and budget to keep your pet’s mouth sparkling clean after their scale and polish.  For further information regarding homecare options, download our Dental homecare brochure.

dog with toothpaste