Puppy preschool

Puppy Preschool

The Imprinting Period in dogs is between birth and 16 weeks. This is the most impressionable period of their lives; their experiences during this period have a huge impact on their future behavior. It is the most effective time to instill healthy behaviour and lifelong obedience training. 

Puppy preschool is during the second half of the imprinting period – 8-16 weeks. At this stage they have had their first and second vaccinations (Dhhpi and Kennel Cough) and are safe to attend puppy school. The course covers basic commands, socialization, and behavior training all within a low risk environment.

Our Classes are run by Pete Pederson a professional dog handler and trainer of 27 years. He has a Diploma in Canine Behavior and is a certified assessor of civilian and working dogs.

Puppy preschool is held in clinic over four consecutive Thursday’s between 6.30-7.30pm. The course is $140.00 and all puppies must have had at least two parvovirus and their kennel cough vaccination prior to classes starting. Please contact the clinic by phone or email to register your interest.