Please note that we are receiving a high number of cattery booking requests at the moment. If you would like to request a booking for your cat, please call us on 09 524 6415.


We offer full cattery services and take particular pride in giving special care to each of our furry guests.

We are a non-communal cattery to reduce the risk of disease transmission and to stop any fights occuring.  Everyone has their own fluffy bed, and personal room to ensure we know that every cat is eating and drinking fine. Individual rooms also allows us to monitor toileting and gives shy cats plenty of personal space to enjoy their holiday. If you have two cats you would like housed together, we are able to accommodate this.

We have 5 outdoors runs, 3 semi-outdoor runs and 3 inside areas allowing everyone a turn to stretch their legs and laze in the sun during their stay.   

Our cattery staff are capable of medicating your cat if needed. 

For more information please continue to browse this section or you can call (09 524 6415) or email us for more information.  If you would like to have a cattery tour please call reception to book this in.