Flea Control

Fleas are the most common parasite affecting our pets.  They are also one of the hardest parasites to kill once they move into your house and start biting at your ankles.  Auckland has a very temperate climate, allowing fleas to thrive all year round!       

A single pair of fleas can give rise to 1000 eggs within 3 weeks! Flea eggs can lie dormant for months before hatching.  50% of the population of fleas at any one time are eggs.  Therefore it is essential to protect your pets and your home at all times.


Total eradication of fleas is impossible outside, so our aim is to decrease their numbers, control the population, stop them irritating our pets and stop them surviving inside. There are excellent products on the market, which offer residual protection against the fleas. This means that they will effectively kill fleas over an extended period.  For more information about Revolution – visit the Revolution website

Call us if you are having problems with flea control or you think your flea products aren’t working.  We can help problem solve and come to a solution with you to stop the fleas getting out of control. 

Flea control needs to be year round.  The most common problem we see is owners only treating their pets in the  warm summer months when the flea problem is at it’s peak.  Only treating part of the year allows the fleas to slowly increase in number throughout the cooler months and then in spring, everyone is having a flea outbreak. We recommend treating your home every 6 – 12 months (dependant on the products you use) to try and prevent any fleas moving in.

Many dogs and cats are highly sensitive to proteins in flea saliva – this is called ‘Flea allergy dermatitis or FAD’. If bitten by one flea once a month, these poor pets scratch and lick incessantly causing a characteristic raw area near the base of the tail. These patients need professional help. 

Flea Life Cycle

Download our flea & worm information charts for DOGS and CATS here.